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ISPS Lombardia was officially formed in Bergamo at the Center of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Psychology Anthropos , Via Torquato Tasso 109, on February 4, 2013.

ISPS Lombardia is part of ISPS International which is a company formed by more than 1500 professionals from around the world – doctors, psychologists, art therapists, social workers, nurses – who together with family members of the ISPS users and users themselves are joined by the common interest in improving the care of sufferers of psychosis through relational and social interventions.
The company intends to actively participate in the ongoing debate on the causes, nature and possibilities of care of psychotic discomfort, using the various scientific tools available to gather evidence (quantitative and qualitative research) and the contributions of human sciences of this subject (philosophy, sociology, psychology).
The desire for the exchange of ideas was inspired by Gaetano Benedetti and Christian Mueller, the founders of the ISPS, who gathered from the 1950s the world’s leading experts in psychosis psychotherapy in important and exciting international conferences that continue to take place today two-yearly.

The events organized are attended by a large number of sympathizers with various qualifications (psychiatric professionals , family members and others). Collaborations with several local organizations (cooperatives, associations of family members, among which Associazione Kaleidos, Associazione L’Orizzonte, Associazione Piccoli passi per…, Fondazione Giovanni XXIII-Autismi e Terapie Onlus, CMTF Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famiglia) and the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences , University of Bergamo, which is housed in the upper town are being set up.

The association meetings are held regularly on a monthly basis.

Dr.ssa Diana Margherita Prada

Former Presidents
Dr. Matteo Mazzariol
Dr. Pietro Barbetta
Dr.ssa Elda Arpaia


Send an email to requesting to join us.

Ordinary Membership fees ISPS Lombardia
– Annual fee per person (professional, patient, patient’s relative): € 25
– Annual fee for associations: € 45

Ordinary Membership fees ISPS Lombardia+International
– Annual fee per person (professional, patient, patient’s relative): € 50
– Annual fee for associations: € 75

Supporting Partner Membership fees ISPS Lombardia+International
– Annual fee: € 100

The annual membership fee entitles you to:
– Facilitation of enrolment costs in conferences organized ISPS Lombardia
– Participation in the meetings of the Association with the possibility of active intervention
– Receive the quarterly magazine published by Psychosis ISPS International

ISPS Lombardia is a no-profit, scientific and cultural association.
Every income from the enrollment fees and the events wil be entirely aimed and allocated for the organisation of new events.

For more information you can send a message to the following email address:
We will reply as soon as possible.